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Independence Day and Marijuana: An Interesting Connection

  1. Historical Hemp Cultivation:

    • George Washington and Thomas Jefferson: Both founding fathers grew hemp, which is a variety of the cannabis plant, on their plantations. While this was primarily for industrial purposes, like making rope and textiles, it shows the long history of cannabis cultivation in America.
    • Hemp for Victory: During World War II, the U.S. government encouraged farmers to grow hemp to support the war effort, showcasing its versatility and importance.
  2. Trivia and Fun Facts:

    • Declaration of Independence Drafted on Hemp Paper: It’s a popular trivia tidbit that early drafts of the Declaration of Independence were written on hemp paper. This highlights the historical significance of hemp in America’s early days.

Interesting Story

Cannabis and the American Spirit: In the early days of America's founding, hemp was so important that farmers were legally required to grow it in some colonies. Fast forward to the 21st century, and the cannabis plant has made a dramatic return to American culture. On one Independence Day in Colorado, just a few years after the state legalized recreational marijuana, a group of veterans gathered to celebrate not just their nation’s freedom but also the newfound freedom to use cannabis for therapeutic purposes. These veterans shared stories of how cannabis had helped them manage pain and PTSD, highlighting the plant's potential to aid those who have served the country. Their celebration included a communal BBQ with cannabis-infused dishes, a reminder of both the progress made and the ongoing journey towards widespread acceptance and understanding of cannabis as medicine in the U.S.


Independence Day is a time to celebrate freedom and progress, and for many, it now includes the freedom to use medical cannabis legally. From historical cultivation to modern-day medicine, the connection between marijuana and American culture continues to grow.

Let's celebrate with a 4th of July marijuana poem! 

On the Fourth, beneath the sky so blue,
We celebrate with cheer, as we always do.
Fireworks bursting, spirits running high,
In honor of freedom, under the night sky.

But let’s take a moment, a thoughtful cheer,
For Certified Marijuana Doctors, always near.
With knowledge and care, they lead the way,
Helping patients live better, every single day.

Marijuana, a plant of healing grace,
In the realm of medicine, it finds its place.
From anxiety to pain, it eases the strain,
Certified experts make the path plain.

To the best patients, a heartfelt toast,
Your courage and trust, we value the most.
Together we journey, through thick and thin,
On this day of freedom, let’s celebrate and win.

Happy Fourth of July, to one and all,
May your health be strong, your spirits tall.
With marijuana’s aid, and doctors so true,
Here's to a future bright, for me and you.


Happy 4th of July!

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