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Florida THC Limits


In Florida there is a combined limit of 24,500 mg of THC for all routes other than "smokeable," in a 70 day period.  This includes products other than the natural form of marijuana referred to as "smokeable" or "flower" or "bud" or "herb".  Products included in the combined 24,500 mg of THC limit are vape pens (inhalation), tinctures (drops), edibles, topical creams, suppositories, and pills. Basically all products that are not the natural dried flower. Each category has its own Daily limit as well. 

"Smokeable" refers to the natural dried flower, or what we commonly think of as marijuana. 

PRO TIP: You can also vape the natural form of marijuana and use it to produce your own edibles, tinctures, and oils). We have marijuana recipes to guide you in making your own marijuana edibles! The smokeable form for marijuana is limited to 2.5 oz in a 35 day period. Qualified patients may not possess more than 4 ounces of "smokeable" medical marijuana.

Smokeable Medical Marijuana purchases are limited to 2.5 ounces in 35 days. The THC level varies. This includes pre-rolls, and ground flower. 

Florida Medical Marijuana THC Limits on intake methods other than "smokeable"

Route of AdministrationDaily Dose Amount70-Day Supply Limit*
Edibles60 MG THC4,200 MG THC
Inhalation350 MG THC24,500 MG THC
Oral200 MG THC14,000 MG THC
Sublingual190 MG THC13,300 MG THC
Topical150 MG THC10,500 MG THC
Suppository195 MG THC13,650 MG THC

 Using the above graph, our certified marijuana doctors can combine different intake methods, as long as the total THC does not exceed 24,500 mg in a 70 day period, or exceed the "daily dose limit" as indicated next to each intake method.  If a patient has the maximum allowed on inhalation (vape), there are no mg available for any other intake method.